Species for Fantasy Story

My fantasy story has a princess who is human, but I want her protector and the protector’s family to be a different species. Can anyone help me make up a species for them? I don’t want to use fairies, vampires or werewolves. I want to make my own species but I don’t know what to call them.


we can help you with that!

I can… lets see

unicorn! llol.

Ok, what do you have?

@mindy_epsiode pheonix. ghost. witch. or for your own species call them Mindeleios

I want it to be my own species though, not generic…

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get it? cus… mindy?


lol this is fun.


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or or or… I could be a seal. Lol I’m in a good mood today

hmm… sirental

I actually like this idea

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What do you have in mind?

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A Kuripo, where they can read your mind if you are planning to attack the castle or not. But there is a way to disable it…

How to disable a Kuripo’s powers: Keep constantly coming to the castle and make friends with them, they will let you through immediately.

I’m still looking for more ideas. I am undecided right now.

If you leave an idea, tell me what kind of powers do you think the protector and her family should have?

Interesting. Any more ideas?

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their powers is that they can change to any form they want except for their white eyes stay the same. The only way to kill them is either they get old or you look into their eyes with blue eyes.