Specific overlay edit requests

Hey guys. I got a background that was accepted, but there are parts of it that I need turned into overlays. It’s mostly counters. I circled what needed to be converted into overlays. Could someone please help me out? I’d very much appreciate it.

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I can try and do it, but if you REALLY want one, you might have to ask someone :joy: I’d quite like to use that background with the overlays for script templates! Do you have the background and I’ll try and get someone on your thread!

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Thanks I’d really appreciate it :smile:

I can do it


Here ya go I only did two cuz I couldn’t do the last one I hope I helped a little! :black_heart:

I LOVE U, not acc :joy:

Lol is it bk of the overlays? If ya need something I can help boo :laughing:

I would like smthing else, if that sounds spoiled im sorryyyy

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Lol pm me i dont wanna get off topic

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Omg thank you so much!

Hi. I need help with this background. I need it edited to a png overlay. Idk how to get rid of the white background. I just want the words on its own as an overlay. Sorry if I’m confusing you. Thank you in advance xx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: