Specify cover size?

Should i tell the artist that i commissioned for my cover to make the drawing a specific size or is it possible for me to change the size so it can fit?


Yes it is possible but you should tell her/him

how do i change the size of the cover? do i use a specific app?

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Well I can help you with changing the size but if you want to change then I use photoshop

I think you should say, since change size can make it look weird or blurry

I think you should specify the particular size for the cover. He\she will probably understand since you are using it for a particular thing

tell them… bcz it will be safe then sorry… U know in the case they got blury when resizing the art?.. :sweat_smile:

what’s the best size to use? 🥲

If you want to use that cover for a epiode story then it should be 420x580 and if you want that cover for any other platform then… bruhhhhh Idk :joy:

At least 420x580

But more if you want the quality to be good