Speech Bubble Color


Just wondering, what color of speech bubble do you like mostly?
The purple speech bubble as used in Demi Lovato, Bro Zoned, Deep Attraction: Cold stories
The pink speech bubble as used in The bunny boiler, Your dad my daddy stories
or the simple blue color?


I prefer the purple one, because it’s less “space” demanding, with it’s thinner borders and cleaner name possition.
But which one I use depend on the story really.



I like all of them :grin: although I’m not sure about the new style… probably a blue one of all of them.
I personally use purple in my story for now.


It’s hard to choose. I’m not sure about the blue one, I definitely prefer the other two. My favourite was the pink, but then I used the purple and found I really like it. I’m using purple in my upcoming story and I used the pink in my already published/completed story. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m writing a story too, that’s why I asked which one do you like more, but I think I’m going to use pink


Your story name? So I can read it


My Published Story: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future by Winter05 with Episode Royalty
Upcoming Story: Quiet Confidence by Winter05 with S.Dsana

^I have three completed episodes for the upcoming one but I’m looking for a beta reader before I publish it.

I hope you enjoy my story!! :heart:

~ :snowflake:


Promise I’ll read them


Thank you. :blush:


Purple since I like the narration bubbles.


aren’t there black ones too? i think they’re used in cameron dallas


oh, that’s too bad. i actually like the black ones lol


I just published Quiet Confidence by @S.Dsana & I. Please read it & leave fanmail. :blush:


Moved to Episode Fan Community! :slight_smile:


The pink speechbubble of course :sparkling_heart: Soon, we will get to choose the color of speechbubbles which is so awesome and I will make all my stories use the pink ones ha ha :sunglasses:



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