Speech Bubble Glitch?

I’ve been trying to get my speech bubbles in a specific place but they never go where I want it to go. Anytime I place it where I want and then copy it’s coordinates it always resets? Even on my phone it’s not where I want it.

speech bubble glitch

It seems to always go back to this position when I save and preview. This is happening to some of my other speech bubbles too. I tried putting @speechbubble reset but it doesn’t do anything.

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Try restarting the Laptop?

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Or open episode on your Phone and then click on your story , then click on spot directing and move it the way you want and copy the spot ! Then try??

I’ve tried restarting my computer and tried copying the spot on my phone, it looks like its a bug in the portal maybe?

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That can also happen :sweat_smile:

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Tags who might help?

@schittwriter @epy.nes @Danielle318


Did you put the speech bubble line of code before or after the narration dialogue? Make sure it’s before the dialogue to get the speech bubble to work.

You should submit a ticket about the glitch issue if everything isn’t working for you.


@Frappe make sure to do:
&speechbubble to whatever


If you put the speechbubble coordinates after, it does nothing.

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