Speech Bubble (help me please..😱)

I want to know more about speech bubbles… I know are in three colors (purple, blue and pink) but I saw is one more…


I saw this type of speech bubble just in featured stories but I like it and I want to know if is possible to use it…
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Yes it is

You just put

(the stuff you want in it)

If you want it with a choice then you put

(the stuff you want in it)


Put stuff in inside



I don’t talk about how to use the choices because I know this…
Look some examples:

This is the blue speech bubble (the original)

This is the purple speech bubble (used for Demi Lovato)

And the pink speech bubble (used for Meen Girls)

But I want to know how can I use this one and if is possible…

Did you understand now??

It when you are going to make the story type in Mean girls for the pink one for the purple type in Demi Lovato for the last i don’t think u can make that one…

This I know and I.

Yeah I think you can’t do that…

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Do u know the story of it maybe u can try it as the other ones

Can I have some help from @Dara.Amarie ??


Unfortunately, that style of speech bubble is only available for Episode featured/original stories. There isn’t a way to get it, sadly.

Ok , thanks for help… :worried:

You can change the speech bubble style now.