Speech bubble issue with tappable menu

So I managed to fix previous issues with my start menu that I made but now when I click on the check points button, and click on the option where I go back to the beginning, the dialogue from the check points button is now on the main screen, how do I remove that? Thank you!

After the speechbubble, add a speechbubble command (@speechbubble is …) with 0%, then @speechbubble reset right after the label at the beginning

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Thank you!

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So its actually doing it with all my buttons, where should I place the speech bubble codes? I thought I had put it in the right place before but got an error regarding “choices going immediately after dialogue” or something like that. My memory isn’t the best.

Write @speechbubble reset after label start_menu
And the other speechbubble code right before the goto start_menu

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