Speech bubble placement is glitchy?

My speech bubbles are showing up in different places on different previewers. I use the app to preview and test my story. When I write the speech bubbles coordinates in the portal and test them, they’re fine.

But when I view the tablet view, they move so much that they are cut out of the screen or on a character’s face? I also tried the web previewer. The speech bubbles were yet again in a different place.

That’s THREE different places where my speech bubbles end up with the SAME coordinates. I don’t know what to follow so I usually place it vaguely in the middle of all three. But it’s never in the place I want it to be. Some help please? :sweat:

Did you use the speechbubble helper and put it into the script? :smile:

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Yes I do, but then it looks okay on the web previewer but not the app

Hmm that‘s unusual…sometimes the outcome is different on the iPad than on the phone for example because of the different screen sizes but if you are unsure you can always submit a support ticket and ask the episode support team :smile:

Will do! Thank you :revolving_hearts:

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The exact same thing is happening to me :frowning: I think it’s fine where I put it, then when previewing, it gets moved. They’re also not the same for tablet and phone, which is very frustrating to come up with a position that fits both.
Let me know if you here from them—I’d love to know the fix, too :blush:

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They replied to me, saying to just refresh the browser and the app, log in and out etc, which definitely won’t solve the problem. I think I’m just going to place them as I want them on phone and just not worry about tablet for now. :sweat:

Are all your speechbubbles spotted or do you use the authomatic one ( speechbubble reset)?

Do you set the spot fof speachbubble new in every scene? Why I ask this… in preview if you refresh snd test is somewhere in the middle of the script it doest remember the last speach bubble position dometimes so it might look good but when you preview it whole from start it will actually keep the position from previous scene.

No, I spot every speech bubble :sweat_smile:

Than I have no explanation for this. Just from my own experience this is not hapenning. It looks the same in portal and in my phone… dunno how tablets, because I dont have one to test it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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