Speech Bubble Problem

I’m having trouble with my speech bubble

so i have two characters in a seen and moved both of them to different spots, but now the speech bubble don’t align with the characters

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Just move speech bubbles :slight_smile:

Here’s how:


How do I place it on the script? I have two characters talking and I tried to move the tail so it can it align with the male character only, but it did the same thing for the female

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after you put the command for moving the male character’s speech bubble, you need to either reset it (@speechbubble reset), or spot direct it to another spot for the female character (@speechbubble is X Y to % with tail_POSITION_DIRECTION)

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Thank you very much!

p.s. this isn’t relevant but i like your ariana grande avatar


How to save changes made with bubble or spot helper?

If you’re using your mobile device to preview the story:

once u placed the bubble where u like, look at the bottom left of the screen & there should b a code that says something like

@speechbubble is 0 0 to 100% with tail_top_left

put that code into ur script on the line above the character that is talking.

If you’re using the web previewer:

below the volume option, there should b a tiny little box & it will have the coding already there for u. u can just copy & paste it from there & put it in your script.