Speech Bubble Problems:


Hey. So I have a question about the speech bubbles. The new speech bubbles like they keep acting up in different spaces when the characters. Like I know that can happen sometimes, but mine is happening all the time and it wasn’t like this with the old speech bubbles much. I just wanna know, is
this the same for you guys too. Am I really gonna have to edit my speech bubbles so much or whatever. I mean sometimes my speech bubble is either at the bottom of the screen, away from the person’s mouth or just right in the person’s face, covering it.


Ugh, this has been happening to me and a lot of other people too. You’re just gonna have to spot place the ones that are out of wack :confounded:


I think this is happening with many people. What is even weirder, I have a story where they look more or less OK, but they are completely messed up in another one. Since I have a weird obsession with speech bubble placement, I barely can concentrate on my ongoing story, I just want to go back and fix those speech bubbles in my other story. I tried to, but couldn’t ignore this, so I will definitely do that after my new chapter update. (Thank God my stories are not 100 episodes long.)