Speech Bubble Quirks

Hello fellow creators,

Just wondering if anyone could fill me in on the quirks of speech bubbles, more specifically what kinds of things am I doing (and should stop doing) that cause the tails to decide that they should go wherever they please?

I am guessing it isn’t random but it doesn’t seem to happen all the time and sure is a pain in the rear when I have to go back in and add tail corrections for every new bubble in a conversation.

Many thanks in advance!


Sunrise (a total newbie)

You should know to always assign the right speech bubble to the assign character.

@speechbubble 203 406 to 86% with tail_top_left
Blah blah.
&CHAR1 is idle

@speechbubble reset
@speechbubble 200 123 to 86% with tail_top_right
Blah blah.

Does this make sense?

Thanks @LiyahxWrites for such a quick and clear reply! That does make sense. That’s what I am having to do once the bubbles go wonky but I’m trying to figure out what makes them go wonky in the first place. For example, part way through an episode all of a sudden tails are all top right no matter who is speaking.

As I think about it more, I wonder if there is a speech bubble assignment somewhere that I didn’t put in myself (e.g., in a template to change hair etc.) - I may have to dig deeper into the coding and see if I can find something. Guess I could copy and paste into Word and search for @speechbubble and see what comes up. Hmmm…


Are you testing on the portal or the app? When the speech bubbles go haywire?

I first noticed it when someone sent me screenshots showing the misplaced tails (that would have been through the app) then I edited and previewed it in the portal.

That has happened to me as well.
My advice would be to set the speech bubbles through the app.
Position them in the spot where you want them to be and add the code to your script.

Also, it could be a glitch on their end. Either they clicked to fast or they just need to exit out the app and come back.

I have made the edits by changing the tail at the beginning of each new speakers speech bubble (without doing a reset in between) and then doing a reset at the end of the section that is acting strange. It was quite a bit of work and I am hoping to avoid having to do it again.

If I encounter it again I might try to just do a reset at the start of the problem area and see if that fixes it.