Speech Bubble Reset not working

I’m trying to redo my story and everything was good until I got to episode 16, the speech bubble is stuck, it’s been in the same spot since yesterday and now when I go back and look at the episodes that I already fixed now it’s doing the same thing, it’s working on the website but on the app it’s stuck, I restarted the app and redownloaded it, i tried moving it using @speechbubble reset and nothing is working, I can’t publish the story this way :weary: someone help.

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Could you show me your script?

That’s awful :pleading_face:

Assuming you have no errors in the script, Did you try exiting the app completely so it’s not playing in the background and then powering off your device (phone) for a bit and then turning it back on?

It’s going off to the side like this, no matter what I do it won’t leave this spot and the tail won’t move or anything.

It’s not updating on the app basically, like it’s working on website but whatever I do the app isn’t updating with it, I reinstalled it and everything I have no clue what’s going on and it’s irritating

Hi, have you tried restarting the episode?

Yes, nothing is working.

Hmm :thinking: that is very frustrating. I’m sorry :persevere:
I noticed the app has been real glitchy like sometimes my music just stops working completely when it’s supposed to be on so I had to exit the app from running in the back and shut off my phone for a bit and then turned it back on and replayed and it was all working again.

I think also if you have too many things running on your phone at once or if your storage is quite full, maybe the app lags or freezes? I don’t know how much it would help to send a support ticket maybe? :confused:

Yes I did yesterday I’m still waiting for a response

It won’t move :woman_facepalming:t4: I can’t work like this smh

Ugh :sob: I wish I could help. :pensive: Even if someone checked your story on their end to see if it’s doing the same thing wouldn’t make a big difference because I wouldn’t be able to work with that either if it’s not working on the app to review what’s been coded in the writer’s portal​:persevere:. I hope they get back to you soon!

Are you changing the position values of the speech bubbles in the programming code (Donacode)?

The size and spot coordinates can be found underneath the web previewer. You can copy and paste the exact code into your script.
@speechbubble is 160 223 to 90% with tail_bottom_left


Yes, I’ve been changing them and circling the tag around and it’s still in the same spot on the app, now I’ve come across another problem I unlocked my story and now it still has the lock on it smh nothing is updating on the app and I don’t know why, it’s very frustrating.

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