Speech bubble spot directing issues in limelight ! please help!

Hello guys.

I have a mayor issue trying to move around my speech bubbles in LL art style. I normally go to the app in my phone and clic directing helper, then I go to speech bubble, I move the bubble where I want it and copy the codes in my script with @speechbubble … but is not working, it;s giving me a directing error, like the command is not right or something.

I even read how to do this in ink style, but it seems is not the same, please help!

Maybe post the code you used, than it‘s easier to spot the mistake :slight_smile:


You misspelled “speechbubble”. There shouldn’t be an “a” in there.

oh! I didn’t realize, lol! thanks guys, when you write as fast as i do, sometimes this kind of things happens xD

I have another question tho, I’m trying to make a flashback scene, so how can I make it look with a sepia effect?