Speech Bubble Styles Release


Hello Episodians!

It’s been a long time in the making… but we’re happy to announce our new Speech Bubble Styles are now out to all readers and writers!


Those of you on Portal will notice that we’ve updated the story editor page to look like this:

This was so that we could add that brand-new “Speech Bubbles” button to make it easy for you to toggle between the speech bubble styles for your story!

Speaking of styles, we know that a lot of you love the Pitch Perfect and PLL styles – sadly, we cannot release them as is, but we’re trying to see if we can provide a similar version instead.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of our new styles that was based off of the PLL style:

Specifically for writers, in case you have characters who don’t have display names, you and your readers may see the following issue when playing through your story:

Don’t worry! This only happens when there is a space in the display name for your character. If you remove all spaces from the display name for your character, that should fix it.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback through the beta, and during the rollout. With your help, we were able to fix the bugs you pointed out to us (like that pesky spot directing one, which we just fixed in our latest app version) and are continuing to use your suggestions / thoughts as we explore additional styles.

As always, use the comments section below :point_down: to let us know what you think!


The Episode Team

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Yay!! Lovin this


Omg so exciting!!!


I loveddd the PLL style! Thanks!


YES! Thank you!!! :clap::heart:


YESSSSS Thank you!!!


This is so cool! Thanks! :smile:




Thank you omfg!!!


The PLL speech bubbles?


I love it!!


This is funny that it came out today when a bunch of us were talking about this on the other post about this topic!:grinning::grinning:


THANK YOU!!! :black_heart::grin::grin:


Can we able to pick the older versions, too? Some people hate the newers ones, for me, I think one of the older ones fit one of my stories better. No offense…

I’m very happy about this though!


This is awesome!!!




Love the update! But in my speech bubble preview, all of them appear as the same?


Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!!! I love this!! My wig flewww
But that aside, is it only those colors and styles of speech bubbles? If you could, maybe add more? I’m not saying you have to or I need it immediately, but if you could? It kind of feels unoriginal because people used it a lot of times, but I really love this update about the various speech bubble styles!


Wouldn’t it be cool if they could let us choose our own fonts/colors? I’m reaching, but I do see it happening in the future


Not to get off topic, but don’t we have that already?


I mean like the color of the names and stuff/boxes