Speech Bubble Styles Release


backing this because I would really like the text effects to be fixed!!!


YAAAS, what @Brooke_Johnson said! :point_up_2: :clap::clap::clap:
The text effects aren’t visible. What a waste on making ALL the thinking bubbles in italic! :weary:
Can you guys fix it, pretty please?


The only text effects i use are bold and italics! sooo annoying


It is true, it seems hard to notice the italics, but bold works fine.


sorry this is off topic, but i didn’t want to make a new topic specifically for this question, hopefully i can get a quick answer here?

Does anyone know when Tappable Overlays are coming out to everyone? I have a story i’m writing at the moment, and i want to use tappable overlays (like, a lot lol). if the release date is coming out soon, i’ll wait, but if it’s going to take a while, i’ll just use choices on this specific story. :slight_smile: thanks



I don’t like it either how if you direct your speech bubbles in a certain direction, that the character’s name shows up on the bottom of the bubble. It’s awkward.


Literally yes. I also have 100+ episodes where I was directing according to the old speechbubbles:(
RIP my life.


That’s a lot of editing of speechbubbles, my friend.
Thankfully I haven’t published mine so I don’t have to edit if I don’t want to. But as the perfectionist I am, it bugs me so I probably will sooner or later…

And thinking about that made me realise that when reasaving our edits of the speechbubbles, we’ll encounter another problem. Some of my stories - I take it I’m not alone in this - were made so long ago that the way they’re written has been outdated/changed since then. They work now, because I haven’t saved them since back when the code worked but as soon as I change the bubbles I’ll have to resave and then nothing will work anymore! I’ll/We’ll probbaly have to redo the whole script! :weary:



TRY re-adding the speech bubbles, like, going to the speech choosing things and basically rechoosing the speech bubble, because my old story’s speech bubbles actually, like, work for me, well okay so in my old story, my speech bubbles still work.


Also, back than the speech bubbles had a directly up pointer if the actors face was directly above the speech bubble or directly above the tail of the speech bubble, now when my character’s heads are directly above the speech bubble, the speech bubble’s tail is slightly slanted forward and the way that looks, it looks like the character in front of them is speaking and not them, I had to readjust the speech bubble and the tail was still pointing forward and it still looked kind of awkward to me.

You don’t have to do anything about it but I don’t know I think it would be way more preferred but nothing has to be actually done about it unless a ton of other people want something to be done about it but I don’t know I guess if you just want it to look right bll, but you know, you can make it look right on it’s own, so no pressure. :blush:


And to you, basically, repick the speech bubbles.


The issue only occur when you have costumly positioned your bubbles. Else it will continue to follow the defult bubble settings.
I’ll just wait and see if they fix the bubble settings like they said they would so that I don’t have to resave my stories. For I’m not reading through and customly repposition the bubbles yet again.



No specific timeline as of yet but there are still some things we’re trying to iron out with the feature. We’ll be sure to make an announcement when we’re getting close.


I would love to see the speech bubbles shown in the first picture!


When will the new ones be out?


they came out already in june. this post is old. lol


I think she meant the black ones :thinking:


yeah I did, the one they showed at the bottom


Oh my gosh! Love it :smile: :heart_eyes: :grin: