Speech bubbles aren't showing in app preview

So… writing my second chapter of my story. I Shares the story with one of my friends to check it out, when she was reading it, the speech bubbles disappeared at the end of the first chapter and won’t show for the second chapter until like later in the middle of the chapter. does anyone know what’s going?

have you made any speechbubble at 0%? if you have make sure after you made the speechbubble invisible to enter the command @speechbubble reset

I don’t think I’ve changes the size but let me try that…

Okay it worked! but now the animations stopped working…

you might need to screenshot your script where they’ve stopped working

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okay never mind i just had to update the script again!

ugh nvm… sometimes the animation stops working and sometimes they work fine… I’m not sure what’s going on…

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do you have any errors?

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No… unless having a background still in review counts as an error…

if ur background is still in review it can hide real errors in the error tab, is there a specific place the animations stop working? you need to look for script mistakes around there

there is a lot of areas where it stops working but I triple checked and it’s all fine