Speech bubbles error

Since the new update, if a character is lying on a bed in normal scaling, it seems that their speech bubble is moved to the very top of the screen. While this is fine if you read them in a laptop, if you read them in an iPad, they are unreadable, especially if it’s only one sentence. Can they fix this? I really don’t feel like going through my stories and changing the speech bubble each time they lie down, as I have 14 stories and some are 13 chapters long.

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This just happened to me as well.
You didn`t (by any luck) find a solution yet, did you?
It really is getting on my nerves.
Especially as my current scene almost only contains arguing while one of the characters is lying in bed!

Unfortunately the only solution thus far is to go through each trouble scene and type:
@speechbubble is 166 258 to 100% with tail_bottom_right (left or right depending on positioning) before the speech bubble, then after they’re finished type: @speechbubble reset. You have to do this after EVERY speech they make, unless two people are lying talking next to each other. It can be particularly stressing when someone’s standing and another person’s lying down.
I’ve submitted a ticket and would suggest other do as well. I really wish episode would take note of the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.”


Oh man…
Thank you for your advise.
I really hope Episode gets their shit together.
In the last time so many things went down, it really is sad.

Mine are offscreen for my ipad with the character standing up! wtf…
It was fine when I previewed yesterday. I hope readers aren’t having the same glitch :sob:

Normally speechbubbles automatically adapt to your device. If they’re no longer doing that… :persevere:

I’ll be submitting a ticket for this.
Several of my default bubbles are off now and I know they were fine before as I check them on an ipad. Normally, speech bubbles seem to adapt for the device but there appears to be a glitch. This is very frustrating :expressionless: and I hope people don’t automatically stop reading because they think I don’t know how to direct speech bubbles :rofl:

They usd an excuse that I didn’t send a support I’d (which of course I did, they won’t let you submit it without doing it)

There are so many glitches at the moment, maybe not seeing a support ID is one of them :rofl:

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