Speech Bubbles & More Bs

I was low-key forced to use these speech bubbles and now my character doesn’t do any actions with dialouge?

I’ve written,

      You (talk_neutral) <<or any working animation

Blah Blah!

But character in preview doesn’t do it? And I was almost ready to publish 2.

Did you preview your story on the phone?

No, but I really don’t want to have to scatter all over the place.

Web Preview is glitchy, I would check on the phone first.

Because you write you like this
You (animation)
It should be
YOU (animation)
Maybe , I didn’t really understand what you said in first paragraph :sweat_smile:

Basically, it should be written like this:
YOU (talk_neutral)
Blah Blah!

Welp, My phone is telling me no,
But my preview, my preview…

is telling me no too.

I have the default bubble on phone and the new bubble on preview. Fml