SPEECH BUBBLES size and placement ! Let's talk about it 🥰

Hi gorgeous :smiley: !! I really want your opinion on how to place the speech bubbles and your input !

eg: Mine are always 85% because i want the scene ,the outside, the movement of the caracters to be very clear and they’re places around the hips and stomach.

Idk what do you guys do ? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart:


Oof I never change mine, I’m more focused on dialogue and animations, the plot… that kind of thing

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what do you mean ? Not even place them in the correct direction ? Because mine if I don’t do that they’re all over the place :frowning:

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I only change it a few times when I want it to be on a very specific place

Is it already in the right placement directly ?

Usually… I’ve never really had problems with my speech bubbles… sorry to hear that yours act weird

Yes, but sometimes The characters are close together and the speech bubbles get muddled up. There are also point where the speech bubble has to be in a very specific place, or when a character calls out from a different zone.

yeah indeed that’s strange haha, maybe it’s because from the begining i started modifying them and since i have to replace every single one, but where does yours are automaticly places then ?

am i the only who HAS to put the speech buble code before each line ???


There might be a fewpeople.

Well… I either I’m blind or I’m lucky and I don’t have that many problems with speech bubbles :thinking:

Okay haha well i’ll be waiting for them to share their experience. thank u for answering me :))

you lucky ahah

Maybe try resetting, this could be the problem.

resetting ? what is it ?

Okay, I am blind :expressionless:
My narration bubbles sometime appear in places like right over my characters’ mouths but character dialogue is okay… unless I’m doing a zoom or the character is in another zone, that’s when it gets weird

I like to place it lower for narration & higher for dialogue lines so it’s right by the character. I keep them at the default size unless the character’s doing a whisper/scream animation.

intersting what about the size ?

That’s 100%. Bc tbh I don’t care abt speech bubbles much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

omg ahah that means i’m a freak for perfection i hate myself rn i thought it was important

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