Speechbubble not scaling correctly

So as you can read by the title, my speech bubbles are pretty much not going to the right size. There’s the script
@speechbubble is 204 202 to 80% with tail_top_left
ELLA (idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop)
(Nope. I’m still here. And I feel like I got ran over by a truck.)
(I need to see Ty. I hope he’s fine.)
(I also have school today… d*mmit.)
@speechbubble reset
Okay, nothing tricky, right? But when I use the phone app to view it it always scales 60%. It just looks weird and tiny, and not like I imagined. I need to use a lot of speechbubble directing in my story so I hope to find a way to solve it.

It’s not a trick, I believe that it is a error in their coding that causes the percentage to be lower than what you input. It still uses what you’ve entered for it position but it just gives you a lower number.
For example: I always use 73% but it always gives me 54% which doesn’t mess with my coding but it seems like it because of the difference.
As long as you’ve made sure you entered exactly what you want it to be, you shouldn’t have a problem

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Oh. That makes sense. Thanks a lot xx

Your welcome!