Speechbubble problem PLZ HELP ASAP

Hi! :heart:
I am still learning how to deal with speechbubbles and now I have a small problem…
I wanted the character talking not to appear on the screen but she did what do I do?
This is the script I typed in:

    RENNE (react_facepalm_disappointed)
(Tonight is to have fun and I've already started to ruin it)

@zoom reset
@speechbubble is 209 143 to 87% with tail_bottom_right
GRANDMA (idle)
Renne rush dear, you’ll be late
@speechbubble reset
RENNE (callout_neutral)
I know give me a minute, I’ll be right there

the character I want not to apper on screen is nemed GRANDMA just do you understand
I hope you can help :sweat_smile:

You have to place her outside of the screen using spot directing.

This should work:

@CHARACTER stands screen right in zone 4

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write to 100% instead to 87% cause there’s a kinda permanent glitch in the previewer that tells you a smaller % than what it is

if you wanted to make the the same size of course :sweat_smile:

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Thank you it works!

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I wanted it not to be the same size actually and no erorr showed up but thank you :relaxed:

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