Speechbubble problem

Hey, I have a small problem in my script.
I have placed the narrator speechbubble offscreen before tappable overlays, and I am getting an error:

@speechbubble is 157 -62 to 100% is not a valid directing command. Use something like @speechbubble is 120 100 to 100% with tail_top_right

I tried to change it into normal speechbubble and I added the tail part, but I was still getting this error. Any help? thank you :sweat_smile:

Can you screenshot it.

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Here it is :smiley:

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Indent the speech after
Line 1239

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Also I just tried to do -62; it might be invalid because it’s offscreen.

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Yeah but I have never had a problem with placing off screen speechbubbles before :thinking: and I dont know what indent means, sorry :sweat_smile:

Before dialogue you need the space. EG:
Whereas you haven’t done it here:

Did you use the directing helper to spot?

Well I never do that and it was never a problem, because it always puts the space itself there, when you refresh the page after saving it the spaces are there even if you dont put it there :smiley:
However I tried it but it didnt help

And yeah, I did :slight_smile:

Directing Helper β†’ Bubble Helper β†’ Move the speech bubble around until you are happy β†’ Copy and paste the command to your code.

As I said, thats exactly what I did :slight_smile:
But I want it offscreen, I was doing it before a multiple times and I never had a problem :sweat_smile:

I think you need a blank line above your label :thinking:

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thank you but I already figured it out :slight_smile: it is apparently an error because there is the - sign, when I place it offscreen but up, like 683, its working :woman_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile: but thank you :blush:

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