Speechbubble problems!

damn. these speechbubbles are confusing me. I just wanted to move one damn speechbubble but all the other speechbubbles move too. is this just me?? and also where do i put in my script the speechbubbles new coordinates???

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Once you change the speechbubble’s position all following speechbubbles will have the same one. So if you want to reset it:

@speechbubble reset

It’s best to put the coordinates right before it appears, like this:

@speechbubble is position

so where should I put speechbubble reset when i do???

It doesn’t really matter. Just somewhere before the next text appears.

ok, because last time i got an error for placing my speechbubble in the wrong place

do you only have one speech bubble placement? you have to put the speech bubble coordinates above every dialogue, it’s annoying, I know, but otherwise the bubbles will all be in the same place

oh dang it!


yup its a pain. if you’re having a char talk, and then say something else, you don’t need to add the speech bubble placement. only add it when you’re switching chars. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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