@speechbubble reset is reset at weird place?

I don’t know why when I use @speechbubble reset it doesn’t ‘reset’ the speechbubble to where it should be. Instead, the speechbubble is down towards the torso of my characters, which is pretty far away from their mouths. I’m not sure why it’s happening since in the beginning of my story when the characters talked the speechbubble was fine and where it should be and looked normal? Does the amount of characters in a scene affect this or what? And I don’t want to spot direct the bubbles since I’m having a conversation with four different characters, which means I have to spot direct the bubble each time they speak!. It’s so much more work and I’m not into it.

Yes, sometimes is needed when a lot of character talks and when scene is zoomed in. I do that all the time, I know it’s a pain, but I like when my speech bubbles are placed right :smiley:

The default bubbles are never perfect anyway. But if you’re zoomed in and characters are spot placed, when you reset the bubbles, they are even worse.

You have two options, either accept that they won’t look right unless you place them, or put the effort in and place them.