SPEECHBUBBLE: Rotate speechbuble


Give it a like if you support my suggestion. :heart:


Wouldn’t that make them a little hard to read, especially since you’re doing it on a little cellphone screen?


Nope, why would it?
Same is as when we use words as overlay. Even if we rotate it, it’s readable.



IDK, I want to tilt my head when I read the tilted dialog, that could just be my own idiosyncrasies kicking in. Either way I’m not sure how this feature would add anything to the story? What would you use this for? I’m not trying to argue with your suggestion by the way, if this is something you want I’m sure other people probably want it too and it could be useful, I just don’t know how.


@LiaMina Right now I use text overlay. But if we would have rotating speechbubbles, we could use them for story title, numbering chapters (Chapter 1 Pilot) etc. numerous options :smiley:


I’ll show you with your own pic :wink: