Speechbubble(s) show up as text messages when reviewing on mobile app

I have no idea if this is a glitch or it’s just happening to me, but whenever I try to review my own story on the mobile app all speechbubbles have turned into the text message format. I tried restarting the story progress/episode, closing and restarting the app again, and even turning my phone off to see if the problem would be fixed. The characters pop up but don’t do anything either

It seems like after doing a text message scene, that you forgot to set it back to “cinematic” mode.

I haven’t used the text message format for this episode, could it be because I went back to a previous episode that did and then went back to this one again? :thinking:

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If you didn’t put it back to cinematic in the previous episode, it’ll still happen.

Also, yes… that does happen. Like when you go back to a previous episode, then skip ahead to a scene in a different episode, the outfits from the previous episode sometimes transfer… instead of changing into the outfits that you actually set. It’s weird how that happens, but it does! :rofl: :joy: