SPEECHBUBBLE: Sizing and Moving Individual CHOICE Bubbles


Because I am doing an RPG type story, there has been so many times I wish I could place speech bubbles wherever I want and size them, such as “inspect drawer” over the table, and then say have another one in a whole different place like “look under covers” by the bed. I think this would really expand things for the RPG style writers. Right now, it’s limited how I can format these scenes. Either that or give us the option to “add a button” or something which would allow us to do whatever with.


Please add SPEECHBUBBLE: before your title , or it will get deleted. I support your suggestion completely! I have some additional speechbubble suggestions posted :smiley:


Eek! Sorry, will do.


Took me a while to understand until I read the title, hehe…


Support and bump


You could use tappable overlays…


This was suggested long before tappable overlays were a thing. I use them now.


Sorry, I didn’t see this was old.