Speechbubble: Useful features of new Speechbubble pt 2


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Its too long since I make another Update of the Speechbubble Topic so here We are again. I want to tell ya why episode is so cool. Obviously for the character, Speechbubble and useful features. Today I’ll share one of them. If you want to know all of them go to my another Topic named as, “Speechbubble: Useful features of new Speechbubble” which is of course pt 1.
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Thankfully Episode has Updated as They add new featured Speechbubble for all users or Author. Which is so named as " GEMS CHOICE"

  1. Gems choice: In formus We all have thread episode to let the author make diamond choice and for god shake they ACCEPT the request. They make diamond choice according to how many reads an author have. If you have 2 or more than that and less than 10000 reads Then you can use 2 diamond in a choice which means readers can unlocked your choice by using 2 diamond choice. If you have between 10000 reads Then u can use 5 diamond in a choice. If you have more than 10000 reads Then u can use 10 diamond in a choice.

  2. How can We put diamond choice in our story:- To put diamond choice in your story, type (GEMS) like the way you write PREMIUM or LOCKED or SPECIAL choice!

Good luck , if u have any confusion comments below!