Speechbubble: Useful features of new style Speechbubble


Hi, episode users,
Well…In this topic I am going to talk about important topics for which Episode has updated the new Speechbubble.

  1. There are a grey colour for Locked choice because We get even confused about locked choice. In simple words. The new users to episode don’t know what is locked choice, premium choice and normal choice.
    Well by this grey colour and the locked button they can understand what is actually means.

  2. Premium choice use because We get confused specially the new users and they even ask “Why is this golden choice here in between those one/two normal colour choices? What they actually meant? And etc…” Well…This is refers as Author suggested choice or weather Diamond choice goes for the golden/premium choice.

  3. Gems choice: If you haven’t notice Then please but I probably say, there is an Update which has a “Gems choice” which any author can use by typing “GEMS” as you write PREMIUM AND NORMAL AND SPECIAL choice the way like that u can write GEMS for example:-

[GEMS] " Love you! “{.
" Yes working or etc…”{.

This has an Update on. So it Maybe helped author writing awesome story but not the reader, lol… Because they have to spend there gems to unlocked particular gems choice you made.
This worked as… If you have less than 10000 reade Then u can only use 2 gems in the choice you make. If you have between 10000 gems Then u can use only 5 gems and if you have more than 10000 read Then you can use total 10 gems in your story, that’s awesome, isn’t it?

4.Speechbubble and thinking Speechbubble is normally use as the following:-

  1. Thinking Speechbubble: This Speechbubble are use for telling the readers that what the particular character thinks! As It improve it seems more much mostly good than the pervious one.

  2. Normal Speechbubble: Author generally use normal Speechbubble to Show that what an character says!
    For example: YOU says “I am in love with you!”

Note:- Author must remember when they are making choice, they should not make some choice like.

  1. Author should make choice which matters like this “Kiss him” and another one is “Nah-uh. No ways!”
    This make the readers think that they are making an important choice and by this your story Maybe Maybe get featured!

And those are my tips, follow them to make your story amazing.

Good luck guys,
Rose Okuchi

Hope its help you guys!

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New speech bubbles?

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Thank you for giving such an useful tip!




The concern I’m having is the fact that someone mentioned that you had to start a new story in order to have the new feature so if you didn’t start a new story then you wouldn’t be able to have the new speech bubble feature. Then another person said this information was false and that everyone would be able to enjoy the new feature once it was fully released. I like the color around the narrator or name of the character it makes the narration and dialogue standout more to me. So again, my question is do those who have already written a story need to create a new a story in order to have this feature? I’m getting two different answers than opposed to one actual answer. I don’t want to have to create a whole other story to test this feature out and would like to be able to use in the current story which I self-published on episode a while back.


Well hi there, Your answer are in and your answer is no…You don’t need to write a new story to get the feature because this feature have spend to 10% of the users, It will available for all later. Whoever get the feature they can read your story using new speech bubble style. You know my elder sister also got this speechbubble, I pity Episode that I haven’t yet!


Thank you so much for telling me this because I literslly had two different people saying two very different things so it was a bit confusing. I look forward to having this new feature once it’s fully released to everyone.