Speechbubbles keep getting messed up!

My speechbubbles keep getting messed up… I have over 2000 lines in my first chapter and I have had to spotdirect every single bubble so far because if I don’t it messes up… It usually just messed up for one person in the scene at a time, but then when I fix it the other persons is messed up. (by messed up I mean at the bottom of the screen or the tail is on the wrong side or they all go to just one character and so forth) I have tried speechbubble reset after every scene change but it doesn’t work. The speechbubbles also don’t match when I view from my phone vs. writers portal…
Sometimes it helps (for a few minutes) if I close and open writers portal.
Same goes for items and zooms. If I have a prop on say… line 1000 and then preview the story from line 300 the character will have the prop on the preview… same goes for zoom. It’s reeeeaaaaally annoying :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

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Can you send the script and the story link to me? I will try to help.

@speechbubble is 123 456 to 100% with tail_top_left
then for the next person you do
@speechbubble reset
@speechbubble 789 657 to 100% with tail_top_right
and repeat. the web previewer may show seem like everything is perfect but it’s best to test it out on the app

You don’t have to reset the speech bubble everytime, just do one thing which I tried in my story. Test a scene. For example-
@speechbubble — ---
Hi, I am N.
@speechbubble — ---
Hi, I am Kiara.

Now what I mean is, if you have suppose 2 characters in a scene, set a speechbubble for one first and copy paste it on top of her dialogue in the whole scene.
Then set speechbubble for another character and copy paste it on above that character in the whole scene.
I hope I make scense.
Let me know if you need it to be more clear.

Sorry for the caps. It was done by mistake.

That can happen if you preview mid episode. Make sure to reset zooms at the beginning of every scene. Otherwise, like stated above, check in the app as it may just be the web previewer.


It happened to me.
Don’t put the “with tail_top_left”. (right, blah blah)

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