Spelling "error"

can’t save my script because of this “typo”. I want to add a yellow highlight to the text but can’t save because it isn’t grammatically spelled correctly. I was able to save it before but now it’s saying error. Help??
Screenshot_20220727-174430_Samsung Internet

You can still save your script. Typing errors don’t matter.
As long as you don’t get any coding errors that are shown on the left side of your script you’re fine

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Here’s a photo of what your code should look like, I hope this is easier and that it helps solve your problem!!

Screenshot 2022-07-27 3.51.19 AM

I can’t save it :cry:

That’s what it looks like right now

Do you have a better photo with the dialogue too?

Why can’t you save it, pls show a full screenshot of your screen

Your problem may be that you don’t have the highlight part on the same line as your narrators dialogue. Try putting the highlight code before the dialogue?


It’s the “ONE : MEET”

Maybe try getting rid of the spaces before the highlight part? (line it up with the other lines)

I need to see the left side of your screen fully. Are there any errors shown?

Okay so I looked at my script then back at yours and I don’t think there should be a space between
| highlight:yellow | and the dialogue. Try that?

Example (copy it if you like):

What you want: | highlight:yellow | ONE : MEET

Spelling mistakes shouldn’t prevent you from saving the chapter.

I think the actual problem is that on line 12 you have the zoom written like this: @zoom on x y at %, when it should be @zoom on x y to %

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I agree with Juliett and if that doesn’t solve your problem, I would try adding a full stop to the end of the narration.

Hey can anyone help me with this spelling error for the “PLAY THE TUTORIAL’ on episode! So here’s what i needed help with

It’s this

Before continuing, go to |underline| www.episodeinteractive.com
Open "|bold, no-space| PLAY THE TUTORIAL |reset, no-space|" under "|bold, no-space| My Stories |reset, no-space|" and follow along.

The one on the first line it’s telling me to underline something but every time i try to remove the underline under the website it keep on not working can someone tell me how to remove the red underline under the website.

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