Spelling errors won't change

I saved my story and it had 3 spelling errors. So then I fixed the words and saved again. But when I checked again the three errors were still there and the changes had been deleted! I’ve tried multiple times and the error won´t go away. Why does the script keep deleting my spell changes?

Maybe you have some actual spelling errors?

If it says the spelling errors are things with underscores separating words, than you’re fine. It typically takes that as one word, therefore to the bot it is misspelled when it’s not.

They fixed it lately, it only recognizes spelling errors in dialogues/ reader messages (and I think choices, but I’m not sure) but it does write it about text effects (when it’s not an error, but it recognizes it like it).

I have actual spelling errors, but they are the ´ in words like you´re and I´m but when I save it changes back to youre and im.

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