Spiking drinks :(

wtaf, a popular youtuber called Vereena had her drink spiked in a Halloween party that almost killed her… damn this is actually rlly common. Not to make everything about me but the same happened with me but I never almost died I just had to spend 2 weeks recovering, if you’re wondering why i vanished. It’s the scariest feeling ever knowing someone could have put anything in your drink. Like yeah yeah everyone gets told don’t leave your drinks unattended, trust me half of us probs are guilty of leaving it. There are some effin messed up people about, stay safe people, especially that Halloween just went and bonfire night is today, parties are everywhere and so are psychopaths!!! Stay safe, and pls don’t spike someone’s drink, go get help u nutter.


spikeing drinks is a very common and dangerous thing. when out always keep an eye on your drink.

if you need to go the toilet empty the drink first. dont take open buttels from anyone. the only person who is allowed to touch your drink is the bartender when he makes it.

move your drink to always be in cler view.

and remeber if something happens. its not your fault and make sure to fight.


OMG that just sounds so scary! I’m not old enough to be drinking but there’s always news about drinks getting spiked. Yikes! But I just don’t understand why people would do such a thing. Are they that free?


Agreed. But still keep an eye on the bartender. They could slip in anything without you noticing. There are some shady bartenders out there. So just keep yourself safe.

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Honestly if I did go to a party or club, I’d bring my own drink and hide it so people don’t even see it. Better safe than sorry :no_mouth:

Yup, if you have to get up and leave your drink unattended it’s best to throw it away afterwards

My brother called me one evening not too long ago. He told me about his boss, who had just been on vacation in Florida.

He and his wife were at the hotel having some drinks. They went to the lobby for a couple minutes. I don’t know the reason. It’s not important. Evidently, they didn’t think they needed to worry about their drinks. After they came back, they sampled each other’s drinks and ended up swapping. The boss says he woke up in the hospital five hours later.

Whatever he got dosed with was pretty powerful- and it was meant for his wife. Who knows if she could have survived that dose.

After hearing the story, my brother called a bunch of friends and family to tell us the story and reinforce that we should never drink something that’s been unattended. Even if we think we’re in a safe place where nothing like that happens, it can. It’s best to make a habit of watching your drink, and getting a fresh one if there’s any question. Do it every time, no matter where you are.


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