SpillingDaTea's Beginner's tutorial!

Hey guys! It’s SpillingdaTea here and I want to give back to the community! I am going to be making beginner’s tutorials on how to to use the Episode Writer’s Portal. It can be daunting when first starting out, but if you read these tutorials you’ll be a pro in no time! :wink:

I’ll be making different tutorials when I can, though I can’t promise they’ll be frequent! :sweat_smile:

If you have any questions please comment below.

Tutorial 1 - Start Here!

So, you’ve decided you want to make an episode story but don’t know where to go? Here are the basics, to creating a successful episode story.

1. Get to the website.
Go on google and type “episode interactive”.

(Excuse me misspelling “episode”)


Click on Episode Interactive.

2. Login

You get this:

Just keep scrolling until you get to here:

Use google or facebook to login.

3. Create your story.

You’ll be presented with this:

Click on New Story and type in the name of your story.
I’ll call mine “My Tutorials”.
And click create.

You’ll be presented with this:

4. Create a character

Click on characters.

You’ll get this dialogue box which asks for which story style you want for the story.

You have 3 choices.




I’m gonna choose Ink because it’s the most popular style at the moment and outfits don’t take forever to load.

Now you need to:

This tutorial does not cover spotlight.

Characters are in bubbles

Cinematic (Full Character Display):
Characters are in their full form.

I will choose Full Character Display as it’s the most popular option.

After that, you get this:

You can click on one of the stock characters to create your own custom one. Make sure to choose a stock character of the corresponding gender of character you’re trying to make. If you are trying to make a male character, choose one of the male stock characters. If you are trying to make a female character, choose a female stock character.

Don’t worry about their appearance as they can be fully customized on the next screen.
Choose a name. All names must be in upper case and if yours isn’t, it will convert it to upper case anyway.

Click image

I’m gonna call my character Leah and make her out of Amrita.

You’ll be taken here, the visual character creator:

Here you can change their skin color, hair, eyes, face shape, lips, etc.

5. Create an outfit for that character.

Once you’re done, click on image and click the image button.

You then get this.

And if you scroll down, you get this.

Click on the images at the top to remove the pieces of clothing.

Use these filters to find the pieces of clothing you want.

Use this to clear the existing filters.

Click on an image to apply it to the outfit. If you want to remove a piece of clothing you added, go to the top and click the picture to remove it!

Click on the image button.
Click on the save button when you’re finished!

Here you have it! Your first character!

Repeat this process for all of your characters!

Next time we’ll be looking at basic coding.

Bye! :smile:

~SpillingDaTea :shamrock:


omg this is so nice of you to do! :two_hearts:

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