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Ok, I thought I’d transfer this over here already because people are already up and rearing to go. Now, the Spirit Animals plot:

On your tenth birthday, there is a small chance that you that might be able to bond with a spirit animal. Spirit animals can be anything, and reflect your personality as a child. Less than 1/4 of the population bonds to a spirit animal. Today is the day to see if you bond with one.

  • 7 years later -
    A organization calling themselves the Chosen have been stealing spirit animals. At first they kept on the down low, and you only heard of occasional missing animals. But now, a year later, they are becoming bolder as more and more people join their cause. Some are those still bitter about not receiving a spirit animal. Others are people with spirit animals wishing to keep their animals safe. They have thousands joining them, and nowhere is safe.
    You are 17, and your parents/legal guardian has told you that you must flee to Stone Towers, a castle where some go to become Legionnaires, who are sworn protect to protect the people. The Chosen are saying that Legionnaires are evil, and for some reason, people believe them. Stone Towers offers relative safety, but only if you can manage to travel there.
    What will happen once you reach Stone Towers? Will you reach Stone Towers? How can the Chosen sway people so effectively? And can you stop them?

  • Another look at this story -
    You are one of the 3/4 of the population who didn’t bond to an animal. You have watched the Chosen rise up, But you haven’t joined them. (Yet.) The country is at war, and you are being sent to Greensville, the town that sits in the shadow of Stone Towers.
    Do you want to join the Chosen? Or do you want to see inside Stone Towers? Will you survive?[/CENTER]
    It would start with the Spirit animal ceremony, but here’s the catch. You must make at two characters, a male and female, limit 3, and one of your characters would have a Spirit animal. But you can’t chose the animal. I would. It’s sort of like Fallens mancer types. You get to chose which person is bonded to the animal.
    For the non spirit animals people, you can chose if they feel bitter or content with not having a spirit animal and all that jazz.

Sign up form:
Personality from age 0 - 10:
Current Personality (everyone is 17):
Additional Information:

Note: for the character that does not have a spirit animal, you can leave out personality from ages 0-10.

NOTE: Due to some problems I have, you must also PM me your characters faceclaim in picture form. Thank you and put the code: “Spirit” under additional info if you’ve read this.


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