Splash and overlay shop! (episode approved overlays)

Hi! This is my first time making splashes, so I don’t have a lot of examples. But will be adding them as I go!
Just message me what you would like and I will have it done for you!

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Like I said, I haven’t done any yet, so I will do it as I go

Well, you don’t have to be so rude about it. If people dont like it then I’ll delete this thread. It’s my first time making stuff like this…

I don’t recall ever being rude?

You said crap and ur comment sounded rude

I would like a thinks for reading one!

Okay, tell me what you want me to make please.

I’ll send you a message with everything in it. I have to start supper right know so it maybe about a hour but I would love for you to make it and will send you a message soon. :slight_smile:

Ok, send me the message of what you would like before or after supper and if it’s before, I might be able to finish it by the time you eat it…

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It was an example? how do people know if they are getting crap when they have high expectations? You need to have examples ready.

Sorry but examples…

I’ve done it! I’ve added some examples.

Could you do a bruise?


There you go! Should I send it in message so you can get the overlay?

do you think you can make an overlay of the dresser and the wall above it for me for both nigut and day ?

An explosion? Overlay.