Splash/cover art shop CLOSED!


I’m sorry but I closed the shop. If I haven’t finished your art piece yet I will finish it and send it to you via pm


Can you do one for me?

Yes pleasee. Could you also do one for me😊

sure just send the details!

sure just send me the details

So two questions. What do you mean by character details. And the backgrounds?

She means the background for you splash and the character details of the character you want on it.

Can you do it saying to be continued…

Surprised me with a background

Welcome to the forums! Do you do Ink splashes?

May I request 2 splashes :smiley:


Yes, INK and limelight

Sure it could take a little longer for me to make tho


Upturned feline -blue

Great! If possible, could you make me a splash that says “This story contains sound” With the female character doing dance_hands_up_loop and the male character doing idle_head_bob with a few music notes around them?

Female Character


Male Character

Body: Tan
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Cropped - Cayenne
Eyes: Deepest Piercing - Green
Face: Diamond
Nose: Button
Lips: Classic - Terracotta

That’s okay! Take all the time you need :smiley:

If you want something changed, just say so

(Don’t forget to credit if used)

Do you have any descriptions for the splashes?