Splash creator?


I need splashes for my story. Does anyone want to help me make some? I just need splashes where it warns you about sound effects, music, and the chapters. :smiley:


I would love to help


I could also help.


I have loads of requests now so I guess I could help with chapter splashes (without character) :wink: Comment the details here or PM me if you’re interested :sparkles:


Okay! Thank you so much :heart: For the chapter splashes, could you please make them from chap 1-5?

I think this would be a good background. It would also help if you could blurr the background when you add the text. :blush: You could also add some sparkles around the corners and edges of the pic if you can. Thanks for your time!


Okay! Would it be okay for you to make the music warning splash?


Thank you for your offer! Is it okay for you to work on the “mature themes” splash?


Yes do you want any characters on it?


I’ll gladly help!


Do you want some examples?


Sure! Just tell me how you want it.


Yes, I’ll give you the details of the character. I’ll let you pick the backgrounds and overlays.


The character should be a girl.
Skin; Tan
Eyebrows; Thin Curved
Hair; Beach Wave (Black)
Eyes; Upturned Feline (Taupe)
Face; Soft Heart
Nose; Soft Natural
Lips; Full Round (Cherry Red)


"Cross front top (pine cave)
"Short summer wrap white)
“Headphones white”
“white espadrilles wedges”

Her pose should be idle_happy_forward
The text should say
“This story contains sounds and music. For better hearing, please wear headphones or earplugs. Enjoy!”

Thanks for your time! :heart:


Okay, I think this pic is good.


It would be good if you could blurr out the background so the text will stand out. I don’t need a character on it so you don’t need to add anything other than the text.

The text would say
“This story contains strong language and mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Thank you for your time! :heart:


I’m sorry, but the image is not loading. Could you take a screen of it and send it again?


No problem. Click and see if it works again.




Now it’s better, gonna get on working!



Just one thing:
Since the picture isn’t tall enough, I can both rotate it or make it longer, tell me what you prefer-


Rotated (Ignore the notification, lol)


Rotated is fine :grinning: