Splash needed for horror story!

I need a splash for my horror story.
Warning about strong language and asking to turn the volume up.

I can make one :slight_smile: How should it look? Or what is your story about?

Example: Werewolves: the splash would include a full moon or something

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The story is about a very messed up character.
She decides to take her daughter to meet her father, the daughter is around 8-9 years old.
Then, she stumble upon a ghost town called Oakberry.
She hit the snow and her daughter disappears as she keeps on searching for her everywhere around the town, finding monsters with ice aspect and creepy things happens.

You can put something to look like as if the background has ice (you know when you put a plate inside the fridge and it gets like, foggy - but I don’t think it’s foggy the word -, so… this way…

For reference, the story is inspired in Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

You can check out this thread, they’re all so amazing!!