Splash needed for My Ink story

[ INK ] I need a splash Cover(Drawing)
Character details
Body - Tan
Face - Defined Triangle
Eyes - Stoic Almond in Blue color
Hair - Spiked up in Black color
Nose - Button
Lips - Small Round in Terracotta
Eyebrows - Thin Arched

Just like him with Cigarette and hotness (sorry) :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:
And with tattoo in his Hands Shirtless

Leave some gap in the top for overlays.
And I will sure give you credit and the picture should be 640 ×1136.
And if someone have “To be continued” Overlay In White color in some beautiful fonts please send me in this topic.
Thankyou for this.


I can do the to be continued one…

But not the pose.

I’m sure @Danielle318 can do the pose…

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Thank you for the tag!
@Neha.episode I’d need a picture of him in idle with the outfit you want as well as a seperate one of him with the cig.

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