Splash needed for my story ❤


Hey guys! I’m back! School has been a struggle but I’m trying to stay on the forums as much as possible!

  • “Girl of Deception” in Cursive a the bottom of the splash in a small size font
  • “The End” in cursive in the middle of the splash.
  • A simple background that is toned down, not too bright or dark.
  • I want black silhouettes of a girl and boy on the splash. (in any pose make sure it’s romantic).

Please reply below with examples!


I can help!



I can!


Your back !!!1111
Free and Fast Covers And Splashes Request Are Opennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


I can help!


Can I see examples?


Examples please?


I am!




@Raybadem @Kalizzza @NattyGomez Thank you for offering your help :heart: , but I’m gonna let @Chesirekitten101 make the splash!