Splash Request Thread! by LivLoveDance7

Hi everyone,
It’s LivLoveDance 7 here! I can make splashes for you if you need it! They will be ready as quickly as possible!

All you need to tell me is:
Number of splashes
The text you want in the splashes
What your looking for
A brief description of your story
Characters in splashes and their Descriptions (Optional)
Any certain type of background (optional)

Don’t forget to credit me as @LivLoveDance7

Note: Once I make your cover and post it on this thread the person that requested will have to PM me so I can send them their splash without the word sample on it. I put it on so other people don’t steal the person’s requested art.

These are the types of splashes I do:


Oh yay!!! You took my advice!! I feel special!!!

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Thanks SO SO much for the sample idea! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Of course!!!

Number of splashes- 1

The text you want in the splashes- Thanks for reading

What your looking for - Nothing special

A brief description of your story- It is a story of a girl that is surrounded by a danger that she had never guessed. She has a golden pendent around her neck waiting for the love she never got but will she be able to know who he is can she got someone that will love her or die waiting for it
Characters in splashes and their Descriptions (Optional) - Long feathered black , black eyes, soft natural nose, blossum lips blush (In ink)

Any certain type of background (optional) - Can I have the background that you used in your second sample one

I don’t need a splash, even though they are amazing. I just wanted to ask, what did you use to cut the avatars out?

Note: use a Macbook by the way, so the following steps may be different for you

Step 1
I first take the screen shot of the character.
Step 2
Then I open it up on my desktop.
Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

PM me to get the one without the word sample on it. (It’s so no one will steal your requested art!)

Hehe. I told that advice to her!! I feel like a proud mamma!!

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See I use a website call LunaPic and there’s an option for a ‘transparent background’, so you just click on the background and it gets rid of it for you. But if you set the option to high it erases other sections of white (like eyes and teeth) and if it’s too low it leaves white parts around the edge, which is annoying when I put it on darker backgrounds. I just wanted to see if you knew of a different website, but thanks for responding anyway :grin:

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Can you do a social media splash for me?


ok, thanks.

What I want it to say? - Follow me on Instagram (IvyHall_episode) and Episode (Ivy Hall)

Ok, I will start.

Any certain background or type?

not really but I would like a cute background thank you!

Here is your splash. I hope you like it! PM to get one without the word sample.

Yeah please remove that sample written on it.
It will be a great help

And can you make more if I asked you

Oh can you tell me your instagram I want to give credit to you for these splashes

Thanks again @LivLoveDance7

I can make more splashes.

I don’t have Instagram - sorry.

Could you just credit my episode name @LivLoveDance7 at the end of your story or somewhere else - Thanks

I will send you the splash now

No worries

I will credit you on that.

Thanks for your time though

Hello. I want a splash with: Thank you for reading. For more sneaks and peeks…
You know what I mean. Okay, so know I have to tell the details I want in it?
Character details:
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Eyes: Upturned Feline (black , toffee or green)
Nose: celestial
Mouth: full round (ruby red)
Skin: tan
Clothes… >>
Necklace: Diamond Choker Necklace
Top: Light Maroon Genie Top
Skirt: School Uniform Skirt
The heels: Black Military Chic Boots
She have to use the action; Primp_condescend or primp
The description: Thanks for reading. For sneaks and peeks, follow me on instagram: bibby_episode
and please, add even the app instagram there,
That’s all :slight_smile: