Splash requests are open!

That exactally what she had. Beach wave, blazing blue

I also need the eyebrow shape and the kind of black jacket (there is a biker and abridged Moto version)

Seductive arch

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Biker jacket

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Hope you like it! Tell me if you’d like me to change anything :heartpulse:


Thank you so much. I love it. Xx


No problem :yellow_heart:

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@lexy19 Can you do a “this story uses sound” and “this story contains mature themes and strong language” and one of “this story would be continued”?

Something similar to this :


But with the text and made to fit the 640 by 1136 background design
For the “this story uses sound” can the girl in the middle have blue headphones and do the idle_head_bob
For the “this story uses mature themes and strong languages” can the girl in the middle go shush
and For the “this story will be continued” just have text, please. Sorry if I sound demanding.

Do you need details about how they are designed and their outfits?

Yes please! For the “This story uses sound” splash do you want all the characters in it? If so I’ll need all their character details.

For the shush action is this how you want it look:

And I’ll need background ideas unless you already have a few to send me

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Skin - Light
Brows - Mature Round
Hair - Long Feathered Blond
Face - Oval
Nose - Pointed
Eyes - Slender natural Blue
Lips - CLassic bubblegum pink

Basic Tee Cherry Red
Hipster Glasses Black
Moon Necklace
Gold Biker Jacket
Dark Denim Jeans
Black Military Chic Boots

Skin - Fair
Brows - Seductive Arch
Hair - Beach Wave Strawberry Blond
Face - Soft Heart
Eyes - Round Bold Taupe
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Classic Blush

Black Sporty Black Sneakers
White Black Beach Day Romper

Skin - Dark
Hair - Rebel Half Shaved Black
Eyes - Downturned Bold Black
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Blossom Lips Bordeaux
Brows - Thick Flat

Blue Plaid Hipster Shirt
Black Short Pencil Skirt
Brooklyn Hipster Boots

Skin - Olive
Nose - Upturned
Lips - Classic
Eyes - Upturned Feline Black
Hair - Straight Platinum Blond
Brows - Thick Flat
Face - Oval

Black Biker Jacket
Navy Blue Shorts Onesie
Key Necklace
Small Fishnets
White Sequin Crop Top
White Studded Sneakers

Skin - Honey
Hair - Long Straight Hair Black
Lips - Classic Scarlet
Brows - Seductive Arch
Nose - Elven
Face - Elven
Eyes - Round Classic Hickory

Wedding Long Sleeve Lace Top Rose
High Waist Jeans New
White Valentine Flats Plum

And the backgrounds?

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zone 2

Sorry for being such an idiot

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:joy: It’s fine - so this background is for all of the splashes?

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okay cool, do you need them soon?

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Not really but I want to publish as soon as possible

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Okay I’ll get them done as soon as possible :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks, is there an Insta or a story I can credit you with

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Yep! it’s @rxugekxssedstxrs

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