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Heyyy… I make splashes and if you didn’t already know I had an other topic like this but i’ve changed my style since then and that one got closed :woman_shrugging:t3: Wellll…

If you want a splash you’ve come to the right place!
Just make sure to read all the rules and then send in a request if you’re interestedddd! xxx

  1. Don’t take credit for my work
  2. Make sure to credit me… It can either be on instagram or in your story (if you want I could put my watermark thing on your splash but I won’t unless you want me to) You can credit me with my instagram : @Katiee.Eps
  3. Don’t be rude. If you are I will decline your request… But I won’t decline it for no reason.
  4. Please don’t request something if you are not going to use it. I don’t mind if you use it like 4 months after i make it but please tell me that it will take a while to use so I know it didn’t go to waste x
  5. This isn’t really a rule but I can do profile pictures as Well! just tell me that you want that instead of a splash xxx
  6. I only do one or two characters in an edit, sorry! please don’t ask me to do anymore xx

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Character looks:
Character pose:
Character outfit:
What words on splash:
Story theme:
Background: (You can either choose a background yourself or you can tell me your characters personality and I can make like a surprise one :sweat_smile:)
Anything else?:

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Waiting List: ———————————— Free


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