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Since I have alot of free time why not help the episode community. Tell me what type (sound, mature content, social media), when you need it, what background, and any character details or other info. I also have been practicing outlines but they’re not that great. I you want one just ask. :grin:
Instagram: epy.bby_nae


I also just started practicing outlines but they’re not that good.

Practice Outlines



Waiting List:

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These are really cool. May i ask what app you use? Ive started doing edits, backgrounds and overlays (although uploading them is annoying at the moment :sweat_smile::joy:) and so i dont know many good apps to use x


I use Ibis Paint X and Medibang Paint and sometimes Phonto depending on what font I want.

I just started off playing around with the apps and I just taught myself.

Nice…I would like some splash work of yours…could you DM me?

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Sure what’s your Insta mine is epy.bby_nae

Mine is tarunika_ravikumar

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Hi, your splashes are amazing!
One question how many characters can you put in a splash? :sweat_smile:

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Probably around 8. The most I think I’ve done is 7.

oh okok, can I request two splashes like your first example?

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Of course, just leave me the details and they’ll be done tomorrow when I get a chance.

do you need the details of the characters or just a picture??

Both just to be safe

in this splash I would like to say the warning thingy, haha

pose: flirt_fingersnap


pose: eyeroll

pose: laughing

pose:arms_crossed (btw he is in the middle)

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and in this splash the one with this story contains music and sounds

pose: flirt_wink


pose: dance_hands_up (btw she is in the middle)

pose: dance_groove

pose: admire

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pm me if you have a question or something :blush: :yellow_heart:
Thank you so much!

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Hello, your splashes look really good! Can I have one that looks like the first one, that instead of it saying “this story contains mature themes and strong language” it could say “please tap slowly!” if not its fine lol :joy:

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Sure, any specific background and you want any character’s on?

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The background could be EXT. FLOWER GARDEN WINTER - DAY (zone 2), and here are the characters !
Animation : idle_hold_cupcake
Ani: flirt_wink_forward
Animation : dance_groove_loop
Animation: disappointed
Animation: talk_repulsed
Animation: dance_hands_up_loop
Animation: flirt_shy

Also, can you put CUPID and ROSE in the middle facing each other? These are the main characters. Thank you soo much you are a lifesaver!

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Depending on how long it takes for me to do elie9’s request I might be able to finish it sometime tomorrow.