Splash Shop (Open)


Thank you that’s great!




Working on the other one but I finished the first.


It looks amazing! Thank you so much! :yellow_heart:
Yeah don’t worry take the time you need



thank you so much! the both look so good
how should I credit you?


Your welcome and by my Insta: epy.bby_nae or my Episode Account which is Property of Nae


Rose it the one with white wings right?




Ok sorry for the delay. I’m working on it right now. Also you wanted two right?


It’s okay take your time, and also yes, one that says “please tap slowly”, and another that said “this story uses sound!” “Turn up your volume!”


Same background and outfits or different?


Different, please and thank you:




Got it


Sorry for replying really late, I’m kind of new to the forums and asking for things, thank you so much <33


No problem. :smile:


Hello!! Im not new to the community i’ve been writing for quite some time to get my skills up. But i just recently made a forum account in need of a warning splash for my story and i was wondering if you could making me a one panel warning splash?


Of course, I have 1 person ahead of you but I have time. :grin: Just leave me the details(background any characters, etc).


For some reason the app I’m using isn’t letting me use the background.


Thank you so much as soon as i get to my computer i’ll send you the details