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Oh! I don’t know why, I sent it to you, but apparently its not loading… I’ll send you his details!!

I’m so sorry! :persevere:


Np :smile:


One thing I noticed is this:

For some reason it wasn’t showing one of my characters. Am I allowed to add him too, or is there already too many?


You can put them it’s fine.


Thank you! This is him:



I don’t have anymore request atm. I still need your details if you want a splash. :blush:


I have alot of free time so I can do the requests asap.


@Dorkiedork04 is this what you wanted?


@PropertyofNae YES!!! Thank you SOOO MUCH :grin::grin:


No problem :blush:


okay i have 3 characters
so this is the first one.

skin tone:gold 02

brows:Arched Natural (Chestnut Brown)

Hair :Short Wavy Ombre (Dark Brown)

Eyes: female generic (hazel)

face: heart soft

nose : round button

lips : full heart pouty (Rose Medium Nude Matte)

(extras : freckles)

character 2:

Character details : (skin tone) Gold 03 (Brow) Arched Natural Scar (Eyebrow Color) Black Dark (Hair Style) Long Feathered (Hair Color) Black Dark (Eye Shape) Deepset Downturned (Eye Color) Brown Pale (Face Shape) Diamond Defined Contour (Nose) defined Natural (mouth shape) full heart pouty (lip shade) Red Deep Gloss. There is one specific character on my character that if added it would be appreciated but its no big deal if not she has a Beauty Mark Mole Cheek on her face

Character 3:

Character Details : Skin Tone - rose 02 - Eyebrow -Arched Natural (Brow Color - Light Brown) - Hair - Wavy Long (Color - Dirty Blonde) - Eye Shape - Round Medium (Eye Color - Blue Green) - Face Shape - Diamond - Nose - Round Button Upturned - Lip Shape - Full Heart Pouty (Lip color- Beige Pink Gloss)

pictures :


Sorry it took me a bit to reply.


No problem


Any specific poses?


No any pose is fine


Sorry about the wait.




I’ll start out soon :wink:


Umm…a little bloody theme would look better I think.The background you choose doesn’t shows the text clearly.I want a splash that suits the text as well as shows the text clearly, easy to read.Would you mind finding something like that for me?