Splashes and backgrounds

Splashes are normally those you see on peoples stories that have Follow me on instagram or this story has music or WARNING this story contains scene that may upset some reader .

To add it once you or someone makes it for you , you download it and upload it as a background and wait for it to be approved .

I haven’t done it but I’m pretty sure you would just download the background you purchased and upload it as a background

If you don’t know how to upload a bg or ol let me know and I’ll show you step by step !

Jpassen’s Magic Of Wonder Shop (Click here)
@/Ivy_a on here does drawn , @/Jpassen does edited

Mariposa Art Shop
@/lizzyxotwod from there does great drawn stuff ( Isn’t available till later but Idk when your looking for a cover (FREE)

Aviothic Art Shop
She dose great art but her shop is closed but maybe you can request in the future .

On to paid artists :

Tesbie’s Art Commissions

Temtist Art Commissions

Caitlin’s Art Commissions

Another great commissions artist is @Vampira

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