Splashes and backgrounds

Hi! Im new to writing my own story. Im only on Ch. 2 and I’m now learning new terms and different things.

First question…
What exactly are Splashers? (I think I know but I want to make sure)

Also how do I add it to my story?

Second question…
I’ve seen you can purchase different backgrounds from other artists but then how would yoh go about adding those to your story if its not directly from the episode app?

I know I’ll be needed cover art for my storg so drop any recommendations as well.
Thank you :heart:


Splashes are normally those you see on peoples stories that have Follow me on instagram or this story has music or WARNING this story contains scene that may upset some reader .

To add it once you or someone makes it for you , you download it and upload it as a background and wait for it to be approved .

I haven’t done it but I’m pretty sure you would just download the background you purchased and upload it as a background

If you don’t know how to upload a bg or ol let me know and I’ll show you step by step !

Jpassen’s Magic Of Wonder Shop (Click here)
@/Ivy_a on here does drawn , @/Jpassen does edited

Mariposa Art Shop
@/lizzyxotwod from there does great drawn stuff ( Isn’t available till later but Idk when your looking for a cover (FREE)

Aviothic Art Shop
She dose great art but her shop is closed but maybe you can request in the future .

On to paid artists :

Tesbie’s Art Commissions

Temtist Art Commissions

Caitlin’s Art Commissions

Another great commissions artist is @Vampira

Sorry if you didnt want to be tagged


Okay awesome, that’s what I thought it was! Lol Thank you!
If you could let me know how to upload a background, I would definitely appreciate that. I’m really new to this and learning as I go :slight_smile:

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Sure give me a moment to get some screenshots , do you want me to add them on here or pm to you ?

Either way is totally fine. Thank you so much!

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I’ll edit this to make it neater and add actual step instructions so it’s not just the little text I added on .

Text instructions

1st: Go to the Art catalog in episode interactive portal then select the background below tab so you should see all the regular episode backgrounds

2nd: Look below the Background , Overlay , Clothing and Animations tabs where you should see Backgrounds : Available for ALL stories it’s next to All , exteriors and interiors .

3rd: Click it so you should see a drop down menu

4th: Click on the Uploaded to YOUR Account option

5th: Once you get that page read it all the way through it’s step by step
**Please make sure to read everything on this **
( Click the Select image - it will look for recently downloaded pictures , after that chose which one you want then it will have you say how many panels or zone ( some background will be able to have only one or 2 it just depends on how big the background is , you then name your background and MAKE sure to read the check box and accept it then press the Upload button . You should get something saying Success or something similar and then you wait for episode to approve it . Depending on your notifictions a email might be sent saying It was approved or it was denied .

How to upload a BACKGROUND step by step visual

If you have any questions feel free to message me and I would be happy to help .

Also uploading overlays is the same way except you click the Overlay tab thats next to backgrounds , clothing and animations .

This is Perfect! Thank you :blush::blush::blush:

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No problem , feel free to message me about anything !

Hello, if you need any more splashes I really recommend checking out @Faintest :blue_heart:

I also create backgrounds for people to use (for free) I only ask for people to read and follow my rules, here’s the link. :smiling_face:


Thanks so much!
I went to go follow you but apparently, I already am :sweat_smile:
I’ll def come to you if I need any backgrounds :heart:


Thanks for the mention @Marysol.Episode . Feel free to message me if you want any help with splashes or overlays as well.


thanks for the tag!

i’d be able to help you out with your cover if you’re interested :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

some examples

You can find more examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]


Thank you for mentioning me!:heart:

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If you want a cover for yourself here are my prices!

My shop Temtist art shop🌌 (commissions open)

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Following. Thank you :blush::blush:

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I followed you, thank you :grin:

Awesome!! Thank you!

just seen, if you’d like to work with me just send a dm <3