Splashes And Cover Requests [OPEN]



I’m doing Splashes And Covers, an example of my art style is my profile picture!

If you would like one, comment and send screenshots of the characters, tell me what you want. Story name, plot, genre & author!

Here’s some more examples of my work;


Currently doing splashes for;
@CandyRain (Small Cover W/ Character) - Done
@morati (Small & Large Cover W/ Character)
@Dr.Smile07 (Instagram Splash, W/ Character) - Done
@UltimaW (Strong Language Splash, W/ No Characters)
@violet42250 (Small Cover)


I’d like an Instagram splash.

My Instagram is aswrittenby_dr.smile




I can have it ready by tomorrow.


Thank you so much!


You’re welcome, I just made one (for my story) so here’s an example;

And my profile picture for my style. Sorry its blurry its just because I’m on a different device but yours won’t be (:


Wow it actually looks amazing, even with the blur. You’re good.


Thanks (:


I have a question.




Alright so, I’m quite new to episode but not editing, could you tell me what an episode splash is? So I can start on it right away.


Episode splash? It’s like what you just did but I think those specifically say things like “End of chapter” or “Chapter [INSERT NUMBER OF CHAPTER]” or just an intro screen, you know?


Oops I meant Instagram.


Sorry lmao


Lol it’s ok. Just put follow me on instagram at aswrittenby_dr.smile.


So it’s just a splash telling people to follow your instagram account


Oh, lmao. Easy enough!


What size d’you need it to be?


just one panel or 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels long


Alright, the standard episode background size?