Splashes and more (CLoSED)


(For a splash)

And she is doing the scream animation with a speech bubble coming out saying MATURE THEMES AND LANGUAGE AHEAD

Okay, since it is 3:00 AM over where I live I MIGHT be able to get it done tonight and if I don’t I assure you it will be done by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll PM you the results

Any certain background you want me to use?

Lol thanks.
You can use whatever is proper. :wink:
It’s 11:00 where I am as well haha.

Alright, so I made two with two different backgrounds, one with a colorful background, and one with an all black background

Let me know if there’s any problem


So, I really like to do cover art and things, so I have decided to open like an art thread where anyone can ask for cover art, splashes, or even some overlays

  1. You must respect other people

  2. You must remember that I do have a life I will try to get your request done asap.

  3. There are some things that I can’t do, and I apologize for that, so if I tell you that I can’t do your request, don’t take it personally.

  4. If you are going to request please make sure you don’t request for the same thing on other forums, I take my time to try and give you the best results, so please don’t waste my time

  5. Also, If you are going to request, please give me credit you can use my instagram @xxr_storiesxx



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